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Located at 545 South Main Street, Memphis Central Station was built in 1914. Central Station was the home of the IC, Frisco and Rock Island, and in the 1960's, the L&N. The L&N moved to Central Station from Union Station when Union Station closed in the early 60's. Union Station was located two blocks east of Central Station on the corner of Third and Calhoun and was torn down when the present main Memphis Post Office was constructed. Union Station's other tenants, the Southern Railway and Missouri Pacific moved their passenger trains to their freight depots, located at Court and Lauderdale Streets an on West Calhoun Street respectively. Even though still used by Amtrak, Central Station fell into disrepair following the abandonment by the Illinois Central as a divisional headquarters and the discontinuance of rail passenger service by the railroads. In the last couple of years it has been undergoing a $23.2 million dollar redevelopment and a Gala and festival were held on September 24th and 25th, 1999, to mark its re-opening. The $250 per person Gala and dinner dance was held on September 24th in the Station's Main Hall and on the Station Platform, while on September 25th a free festival was on South Main Street. Public tours were given during both events, including visits to model apartments among 63 being constructed on the upper floors. Festival goers also toured an Amtrak Train and the building, and saw a model train exhibit. When completed in November, the renovated station will have a new Amtrak ticket office, a police precinct station, 8,000 square feet of commercial space, as well as the main hall which will be for public use. The first phase of the project was completed last August and included a bus transfer area, two parking lots,  Amtrak platform canopy, landscaping and lighting.

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