The following documents were provided by Bill Heinz, whose grandfather, Marvin Goodman appears in the photo below.

Train crew at Central Station
This picture was taken by local railroad photographer Bill Leake, who was a fireman/enginner for the Illinois Central. It was taken in the crews' locker room on the third floor of Central Station in Devember, 1970. This is the northbound crew for either the City of New Orleans or the Panama Limited  as these were the only Illinois Central passenger trains still operating through Memphis at the time.  Pictured from left to right are Billy Hayden, fireman; C.K. "Aggie" Craven, engineer; J. T. Green, flagman; Joe McNeely, conductor and Marvin Goodman, baggageman.

"Entraining for Dyersburg, TN - For Riot Duty - Commandered by First Lieutenant Arch L. Dugard "
"M" Company, Third Battalion, 117th Infantry of the Tennessee National Guard
Photo taken at Memphis Central Station, date and nature of riots in Dyersburg unknown.
Arch L. Dugard was Bill Heinz' great-grandfather

Train Baggageman's Waybill

1973 Delta Division - Brakeman & Flagman  Seniority Roster

1973 Trainmen & Yardmen rates of pay

Coach Ticket - Greenfield, TN to Sharon, TN
Date Unknown

1915 Emplyees Trip  Pass issued to Mrs. L.F. Tubbs; L.F. Tubbs was Marvin Goodman's father-in- law and Bill Heinz great grandfather.  

Notice to Pass Holders

Record fot Audit of Time

Rules and Regulations (Radio)
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