IC Mountain 2448 ,Louisville, KY, September, 1959. Jim Herron Photograph

 "I shot several views of that engine that day. It had been brought out of the roundhouse for shipment to Paducah and scrapping. Note the plywood cylinder covers. IC removed the cylinder heads on engines in tow rather than take down the rods and replaced them with half covers made of plywood. The engine had been held in the roundhouse with the 2452 for possible troop train duty or in case of power shortages after dieselization. Those never happened. I later bought the headlight and number plate from the 2448 at Paducah shops (for $ 20.00) and still have it. It still works. The 2452 had been sent scrap earlier so the 2448 was the last steam engine in the Louisville roundhouse."

Photo copyright by Jim Herron and used with permission