I bought an extremely fragile 1906 Railway Guide a couple of years ago in either Illinois or Indiana. Here are the Illinois Central and Y&MV pages from the 1906 Guide.

I hope you find them interesting.

Tom Parker

Page 1 - 1906 Map of Illinois Central and Connections

Page 2 - List of Officers and Offices

Page 3 - List of Officers and Offices (continued)

Page 4 - Listing of train consists

Page 5 - Listing of train consists (continued)

Page 6 - Schedules Chicago, Dubuque, Sioux City and Omaha

Page7 - Schedules Chicago, Albet Lea, Minneapolis-St Paul, Ft Dodge and Sioux City

Page 8 - Schedules Chicago, Springfield and St. Louis

Page 9 - Schedules Chicago, Cairo and New Orleans

Page 10 - Schedules Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans - Fulton to Grenada via Jackson Tn

Page 11 - Schedules Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans

Page 12 - Schedules Cairo-Johnston City, Cairo-Paducah, St Louis-Eldorado,  Cherokee-Sioux Falls, Chicago-Evansville-Nashville

Page 13 - Schedules Peoria-Evansville-Nashville, St Louis-Carbondale, Blackford-Dixon, Carbondale District, Chicago-Bloomington-Minonk

Page 14 - Schedules Dubuque-Freeport-St Louis Centralia, Rantoul District, Champaign-Decatur-Havana, Uniontown Branch

Page 15 - Schedules Cincinnati-Louisville-New Orleans, Ownesboro-Horse Branch, Cecelia-Hodgenville, Aberdeen-Durant, Dyersburg Branch, Mound City Branch.

Page 16 - Y&MV Officers and Offices, Schedules Trail Lake-Leland-Rolling Fork, Helena-Eagle Nest, Woodville Branch, Jackson-Natchez, Ethel Branch, Lake Cormorant Branch, Roundaway Branch

Page 17 - Y&MV Schedules Memphis-Vicksburg-New Orleans, Clarksdale-Jackson, Riverside Line, Tutwiler-Belzoni-Yazoo City, Durant Branch

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